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End Food Waste Australia: Uniting forces to halve food waste by 2030

We’re incredibly proud to announce that Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre and Stop Food Waste Australia are coming together under a new, united brand End Food Waste Australia.

Stop Food Waste Australia is a powerful partnership of organisations who operate along the farm-to-fork food supply chain that are committed to reducing Australia’s food waste by half by 2030.

Australia is a standout producer of high quality and safe food that the world wants, yet we take it for granted. We produce enough food to feed 75 million people in a country with a population of 25 million, yet 7.6 million tonnes per annum is wasted, enough to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground to the brim near nine times.

“….by reducing their food waste businesses on average see a $14 benefit for each $1 that they invest”* 

We can do better as a nation. By reducing food loss and waste we can:

  • Make the best use of precious natural resources,
    making sure more food makes it to a table.
  • Create new jobs, products and ingredients and grow our agri-food sector.
  • Reduce the climate impacts of our food system and make it more resilient to climate risks.
  • Support farmers, businesses and households doing it tough.

Champions 12.3 – The Business Case for Reducing Food Loss and Waste

How Australians will benefit?

We will enjoy fresher produce due to an improved cold chain process as well as better protection and shelf-life from innovative packaging solutions. Also, we will see packaged food meeting the changing nutritional needs of Australian households.

From the comfort of our own homes, we will be able to order new upcycled superfood products and ingredients filled with the vitamins and nutrients produced from foodstuffs currently going to landfill. We will collectively have the peace of mind that Australia is no longer wasting valuable energy, land and water resources that produce our food.