Food Waste Action Week 2022

The impact of food wastage across the world is undeniable: it is a leading contributor to climate change, creating some 8% of manmade greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

In Australia, the environmental, social and financial cost is no less significant: annually, 7.6m tonnes of food is wasted at a cost to the economy of $36.6 billion.

We’ve joined with our UK partner, WRAP, for Food Waste Action Week 2022 (March 7-13): an opportunity to help bring attention – and create meaningful change – to the food waste cause.


How can you be involved?

– At Stop Food Waste Australia, we’ve partnering with some of the biggest food industry organisations in the world to help them enhance their food waste reduction. Find out who they are and learn about the voluntary agreement they’ve entered into at the Australian Food Pact.

– Visit our other division, the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre, for tips and tricks on how you can reduce food waste in your home. 

– Share your food waste journey – and take part in others’ – by using the #FoodWasteActionWeek hashtag on social media.


We all have our part to play in reducing food waste, in line with meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 of halving global food waste by 2030. Food Waste Action Week 2022 is the perfect way to be part of a movement that starts in your home but will impact the entire globe!


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