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Two years of the Australian Food Pact

The Australian Food Pact marks its second anniversary in 2023. Since launching in 2021, 32 committed food businesses have demonstrated food waste leadership and joined the Australian Food Pact and the fight to halve food waste by 2030.

We know that food waste is a challenge too big to tackle alone and through the collaborative action of the Australian Food Pact we’re working together to reduce food waste and build a more sustainable, resilient and profitable food system.

The Australian Food Pact supports food businesses to reduce food waste and related emissions through a tailored food waste action plan and site visits, maximise opportunities for food donation to help reduce food insecurity, and collaborate on food chain transformation and innovation.

Australian Food Pact by the numbers:


Signatories joined the Pact


years of operation


Working Groups focusing on targeted collaborative food waste action


food waste specialists supporting Signatories

54 million

meals to food rescue charities by Signatories in the first year of reporting

What gets measured gets managed

Australian Food Pact Signatories establish a baseline year for food waste and report against it annually. This data provides valuable insights into the most impactful areas of food waste action and highlights which initiatives are working and where additional food waste reduction could occur.

Areas of action include moving food up the food waste hierarchy, such as improvements to safely capture surplus food so more can be donated to food rescue organisations.

In the first year of reporting, more than 54 million meals were provided to food rescue charities by Australian Food Pact Signatories.

A word from our Signatories

“If you want to be a brand that is relevant in the future, tackling food waste is something you need to be working on today. Our consumers are demanding that the companies that make their food do better. The Australian Food Pact is a practical, supported and impactful way we could step up and reduce our food waste and improve our impact on people and the planet.”
Bill Heague
General Manager, Mars Australia

Meet the Signatories

Australian Food Pact Signatories are businesses from growers to manufacturers to retailers who have pledged their commitment to tackling food waste and are realising the business, social and environmental benefits.

Get involved

If you grow, make, move, sell or buy food you are an important part of the fight against food waste. Connect with our team to learn more about joining the Australian Food Pact.

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