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Welcome to Stop Food Waste Australia … from all of us!

We are a partnership in every sense of the word, our delivery team comes from the Fight Food Waste CRC, WRAP, and FIAL and our committee from 14 of Australia’s powerhouse food waste warriors!

In our submission to the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment in September 2020, it was this partnership that was our shining star. We knew then that it was simply not possible to reduce Australia’s food waste by half by 2030 without having a true collaborative approach. Now just a few months later, we know it even more!

So a big hello from all of us and we look forward to working with you soon!

From John Webster, Geoff Starr, Toine Timmermans, Robbie Davis, Alain Pillay, Christine Giuliano, Sandra Hook, Richard Swannell, Cameron Colbath, Sarah Lenarduzzi, Callum Murison, Naomi Lee, Jordan Pye, Kylie Ruth, Barry Cosier, Greg Picker, Mark Mitchell, Nerida Kelton, Keith Chessel, Sarah Pennell, Brianna Casey, Jessica Wundke, Ian Harvey, Warwick Ragg, Tony Mahar, David Stout, Ebony Johnson, Amanda Kane, Sian McGhie, Ronni Kahn, Annika Stott, Kylie Hughes, Laura Christian, Jim Mullan, John McIntyre, Travis Hattonm, Alicia Darvall, Cara Williams, Scott McKenzie, Steven Lapidge, Mark Barthel, Claire Kneller, Carolyn Cameron, Sam Oakden, Tanya Wilkins, Melanie Hand, Carolyn Eggart, Billy Jones, and Michael Jones.


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